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CD-R & Cassette Duplication

CD-R Duplication

For the ultimate quality from your master tape, why not consider CD-R ?  Production costs for short runs have dropped dramatically recently making it a really affordable option ! Price includes case, on-disc print and simple inlay sheet.  Currently rates are  :-

<25        26-100     101-200
4-00     3-50        3-00

Maximum playing time 80 minutes.  Price assumes copy ready CD master - editing and PQ coding extra as above.  Please note, some older and/or cheaper players may have occasional problems playing CD-R's.

Cassette Duplication

Short runs of your completed demo or concert can be run off at the following rates.  All copying is carried out in real-time on state-of-the-art discrete head Dolby HX-Pro machines and use quality chrome stock.  These ensure the best possible reproduction of the digital master tape.  Price includes case, computer printed label and single sided printed card inlay.

Length (mins)      <25        26-100      101-200
C01-60                  3-50     3-25        3-00
C61-90                  4-00     3-75        3-50
C91-120                4-50     4-25        4-00

N.B. All prices VAT free, but cumulative.